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  1. chronicillnessproblems answered: my weight fluxuates ridiculously in like a 20lb range, but i have EDS/dysautonomia too which makes my appetite weird.
  2. cannotmakesense answered: I got up and down with weight :)
  3. awildrocciappears answered: ive lost over three stone, but it yo-yos, gaining or losing up to 5 pounds, i seem to be losing easily then gaining it;s
  4. chronicallyscrewed answered: yo-yoing. I lose weight and gain it very easily. at the moment I’m going through a big gain.
  5. inperfectionisthekey answered: I lost weight. I did gain about 2-3kg but then i lost it again.. :/
  6. corretto answered: I’ve lost a ton of weight, but go up slightly occasionally.
  7. leve-n answered: I’ve been sick for nearly two years now, and have lost just over 10 kilos, I go up a couple and then down more.
  8. claggy answered: I’ve gone up and down, and lost more than gained. Been pretty steady for the past couple years though.
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