Make A Difference 

How you can help make change happen all year long.

Call, Email and Twitter The Senate Committee On Health, Education, Labor and Pensions

There’s a list of all 22 Committee Members on this website with contact info. Contact them! 

Call, Email and Twitter your own Congressman.
You have 2 senators and depending on you state’s population more than 2 House Representatives.

Side note*For Advocacy, this is all you need to know about Congress. All we need is one or two members of Congress who’d be willing to take a leadership role to towards advancement in all aspects of ME/CFS. The more people that tell their story or make noise the better chance we have of getting a legislator to take on our cause.

Three Branches Of Government

1.Executive 2.Judicial 3.Legislative

Call, Email and Twitter our President.
President Barack Obama.President Obama

Call, Email and Twitter Michelle Obama too! Twitter 

Tell your story.Tell it not only to people who have ME/CFS but tell the people who don’t have ME/CFS as well. Educate the about ME/CFS. On this website you will find Twitter addresses to the Media. Tweet away. If you don’t tweet, email them.

Side Note* Have your family share in the fun. Especially those of voting age. It’s an election year and no matter what party you align with let those up for re-election know this is what you care about. Don’t ever lose hope and don’t stop until they listen.

Every year there are two Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee Meetings in Washington D.C. One in November and one in May. Go to the meetings if you can to support other sharing their story.
You can even share your own story.

You can take part in The Speak Up About ME Project  or go solo.If you do go solo be sure and check in with The Speak Up About ME Project.

No matter which way you attend…keep an eye on the CFSAC website for a notice of the meeting dates.

Check the website often. If you can’t attend but want to tell your story you can do it by writing a 5 minute story or your can video tape yourself on a DVD sharing your story.
Pre-registration is required.


☛Pay It Forward For ME/CFS 

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the one’s we’ve be waiting for. We are the change we seek. ~ President Barack Obama
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